Girls, Do you like men who are into being beautiful and sexy?

If he is into shaving his entire body from neck to toe and visits salon for facial and pedicures?

He isn't into modeling or acting. Just an average man who loves being as clean groomed and smooth bodied as his women are.

Such clean well maintained smooth men are sexually appealing?
Answers please please please please please


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  • I dont like those kind of men.

    I like my men woth chest hair, beards, hairy arms, hairy legs. Its just so manly to me.

    Guys who shave off everything and are metrosexual are way too feminin to me. But there's plenty women who like men like that.

    • Yeah you can label such men as metrosexual men. I feel you are saying correct, majority of women and young girls like such men as opposed to the type of men that you say you like with all chest and body hair.
      Body hair especially lot of chest hair is almost extinct and hardly any woman likes and wants that on her men

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    • Learn to like evry single hair on him, that includes hairs on his shoulder, back and neck?
      Why learn to like even if he is werewolf hairy, why not get Him waxed smooth when you don't like that level of hairiness? Why torture yourself with fur?

    • Having shaved legs and arms is bit too much according to you and most women as well?

  • I guess it could be, I like guys who keep their face and hair nice but I seem to not have a preference for guys "down there" and I don't like when guys shave their legs...

    • No preference on guys pubes, it means you like a whole Amazon forest down there and very hairy legs and thighs?

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    • How does shaving legs and arms take away masculinity from a man but natural smooth legs is all manly?

    • I hope you do like when guys shave their shoulders, back and upper arms if they happen to have hair on those odd parts?

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