Are black hair and black eyes striking feature?

I've bright olive skin, dark black wavy hair (italian style) and thick eye brows. Frequently I noticed people give me double look. Or they're lazily looking around, but looking at me they just lock their eyes at me for few seconds.


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  • Not at all.

    • Why not? I guess it creates much contrast.

  • Maybe you're staring at them to see if they're staring, but they see you stare so they stare back, and then you're all playing a staring game!

    • No, you didn't get it. Its basically I'm walking straight, as soon as they have a slight glimpse, they turn their head back or side to have another look. And because these kind of stuck eyes make me self conscious, I dont look at people when I walk.

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    • Ah! Well it could be the very fact that they think you're pleasing to the eye..

    • don't guess what?

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