Girls, Wobbly bum with leggings haha?

OK like most women I live in leggings so much more comfortable than jeans but I'm very self conscious about my bum wobbling!!!

Does your bum wobbly when you wear leggings?
Do you wear a g string with leggings?
Do g strings make your bum look saggy?
Do you work out?
What's the best excersises for your bum?
Do you smoke cigarettes?


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  • I think these questions depend on if the female in particular was "blessed" with a bum. My friends who consider themselves less "blessed" complain about wanting that wobbly/giggly bum.

    1. Yes, my bum wobbles. I have found through my own experience some leggings with more spandex in them tend to limit my wobblness in the bum department.

    2. I prefer to wear thongs with my leggings.

    3. No they do not

    4. I rarely work out

    5. I would possibly say squats is you're doing them with the correct form

    6. No, I do not smoke.

    • Ahh good idea leggings with more spandex more support lol

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    • Lol does it make you feel horney knowing people can see?
      Any pics many?

    • mmm, no it doesn't make me horny.

  • Sometimes depending on the naterial or underwear I'm wearing
    I don't really do those but YouTube some they have plenty


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