Girls I need advice?

basically I wanna get back in shape and just need advice on a good waist trainer.


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  • Waist trainers aren't good for you. You just need regular exercise to build your core--running, planks, push-ups

    • I would but the reason for getting back into shape is because I'm having my 2nd child and won't have time I'm a full RDA working from mon-sat. and when I come home I have my boys and my s/o to take care of. I figured a waste trainer will be easier to deal with

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    • lol you have no idea how much I wished I had 30 min to myself.. that sounds soo good

    • I know! It seems tough :/

      Just try the best you can to plan time for working out, that's all I can say

  • Honestly I know you probably haven't read that article that talks about the bad side effects of a waist trainer, but im telling you "DONT"


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