If a girl finds a guy attractive what will she do?

Lets assume the two are total strangers and they see each other every day. Will she stare at him or is that only if she has a crush on him? If she just finds him attractive like "oh he's cute" but nothing else will she just glance at him every now and then? But not stare?

I hear so many conflicting answers and I think it has to do with whether the person simply finds them attractive or if they actually have a crush on them. You know what I'm saying?


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  • Well if a girl does that to a guy she doesn't know I think she either likes you (:

    i don't think she wants to make it so obvious. but if you like her you should give her a smile!

  • Well I take the bus daily and there's many guys I see on there everyday. There's one I find very cute and I tend to look at him a lot, but I do NOT have a crush on him. I just think he's attractive, that's all. So how about for guys? what do guys do in this type of situation?

    • I just glance a lot at girls I find attractive. I don't really "stare" since I guess that would be creepy? But if I had a crush, I'd make it more obvious I guess that I'm looking.

    • Yup, I do the same with guys.

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