Can I mix these hair dyes?

I need three boxes on ion color brilliance demi dye for my hair. When I grabbed the boxes I grabbed them all from the row labeled " medium burgundy brown". One was mis-stocked so i accidently picked up 2 boxes of medium burgundy brown and 1 box of light red brown.

They're both the same brand and both demi dyes, just different shades.

I already threw away my recipt so I can't return it. Can I mix the dyes and still get similar results?


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  • you can use cool aid if you don't mind fruit flies after a day or two. so ya they'd probably be ok to mix


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  • I wouldn't see why not. Just be careful with the light red brown. If it's super red brown, it might throw off your burgundy brown.

    • I just want a red-ish shade of brown. The medium burgundy brown comes off really red but faded to a decent color before. So perhaps it coyld happen with the brown red?

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    • Thanks for your input

    • You're welcome

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  • It should be fine. But its hard to know exactly what color it will be. I've messed up before haha


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