What did y'all think of the new America's Next Top Model?

I think it's cool I'm giving it a chance, I just miss all the originals lol


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  • I've never watched the show before but I watched it last night and I really liked it! Who is your favourite?

    • It's hard to tell rn but it's a lot of good ones, that one girl shouldn't have called the other girl eyebrows a chia pet and she probably would've stayed lol

    • OMG yeah I didn't like her

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  • I've watched ANTM ever since I was little and I loved the show so glad they brought it back. I just miss Tyra Banks and the rest of the old judges so much. It just doesn't feel like ANTM without Tyra of course. I watched the 1st episode of Cycle 23 and so far I like it.

    • Same I need Miss Jay to make an appearance at least once lol. But it seems they picked more experienced people this year so I don't know.

  • It was my favorite show and I was sad when it ended last year

    • I was too bc they claimed that was it, hopefully this one does it some justice

    • I don't think it'll ever be as good as it was. The last season was one of my favorites. I love Bello <3

    • He was funny, my fav guys are Nial and Donovan

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