Why do women/ladies not like wearing wetsuits?

so why is it that women/ladies do not like wearing wetsuits? why is it that some ladies will not wear a wetsuit even if the situation requires one. for example when you are partisipating in water sports some ladies will either attempt it and be cold (normally meaning that they will get out of the water earlier) or they will just not partisipate in the sport. i dont understand as it is fassionable at present to wear leggings and orther tight fitting garments that have the same appearance, tight figure hugging colths?
  • i like to wear wetsuits
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  • i will wear a wetsuit
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  • i will wear a wetsuit if i have to
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  • i will not wear a wetsuit even if the situation calls for it
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  • I like wearing them, they keep me warm and that's all that matters


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  • Idm them but they give me funny tan lines lol

  • i would wear if i have to

  • Wetsuits are ugly

  • If the situation calls for it I'll wear one.

  • I ONLY wear wetsuits ALL the time.

    • glad to hear that i am not alone then, do you only wear them when called i. e. when at the beach or doing water sports, or do you also just like wearing them at home haha

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    • wow thats cool so you have a real big fetish for them then? do you have many wetsuits and whats your favourite style? how do you wear them? do you go about in public with them on, are they visible?

    • Love a girl in a wetsuit such a turn on

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