Girl Pretty and Guy Pretty?

Is there a difference between what girls perceive as pretty and what guys perceive as pretty? I think I'm pretty and I get compliments all the time from my friends and random females I don't even know...but I don't know what guys think. I'm really shy so I don't talk to that many guys except for the ones I work with. Is it possible to be pretty to girls but ugly to guys? What do most good looking guys like?


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  • Put your pic on here. I'll tell you the truth, promise. .. seriously tho, I will.

  • Yes there is a difference. Girls typically perceive "pretty" as almost like a number rating (1-10) of how "attractive" your physical attributes are. Guys typically perceive "pretty" as part of an overall attractive level which also includes your body language and attitude. It's one component that factors into how much they like you/want to sleep with you.

    • So is it possible that if girls think I'm pretty then I would be pretty to guys as long as I had appropriate body language and a good attitude?

    • Yes it's possible.

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