How can you tell if a girl likes you?

This is the never ending question for boys. We will all go through it once. So Help me please!


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  • I saw this a few months ago. It's an IOI list from I cannot vouch for whatever it is they're selling, but the list is pretty comprehensive and on the money.

    "We are surrounded by women all the time and some of these women are attracted to us. So many men wonder whether a woman is attracted to them or not. Women are much more subtle than men in the way they show their attraction. But once you know the secrets, you'll always be able to tell if a woman is attracted to you. One of these should be enough to act on, more than one and it is a definite "go" signal! Here are the ways women show that they like you:

    1. If She Wants to Speak to You:

    She points her feet towards you when standing up.

    She smiles, or looks away embarrassed when you hold eye contact.

    She jerks her leg in your direction if sitting down with legs crossed.

    She adjusts her posture – sits up straighter and holds in belly.

    She faces you with her hips/legs while sitting.

    She opens up her body language to you while standing.

    She brushes up against you unnecessarily when she passes.

    She looks at you twice before approach.

    She touches her hair when she notices you.

    If you get one of these signals, go in and start a conversation with her. Your next goal is to take the interaction to a point where she wants to have a conversation with you. It might happen immediately or it might not. If you have approached without any of the above invitations, you should look for some of the below to know that she is interested in you.

    2. If She is Interested in Extending the Interaction:

    She asks you questions

    She asks your name.

    She gives extended answers to your questions.

    So now you know whether she likes you to the point of wanting to talk to you, but how do you know if she wants to get physical with you?

    3. If She is Sexually Attracted to You:

    She strokes her neck when in conversation with you.

    She looks at your mouth.

    She tilts head to the side when speaking to you.

    Her pupils dilate.

    She laughs too much at your jokes, even when they aren't funny.

    She is happy listening to you even when you are talking rubbish.

    She holds eye contact with you and doesn't look around the room or at her friends. Note: if she is nervous and it is just not her character to hold strong eye contact, she could still be interested.

    She is comfortable with you touching her and invading her space.

    She shows willingness to leave her friends and stay with you.

    She laughs and hits you on the shoulder when you tease her.

    She looks at you in a dreaming kind of way.

    She asks if you are single.

    She says your name in conversation.

    She leans in to you.

    Now that you know all the ways that a girl can show that she is attracted to you, you will be able to make the move and will stop having missed opportunities. It will increase your success rate by a huge amount."

    • Am not sure on all that you said, wen I'm interested, guys can hardly notice it, and also I do not demonstrate many of the things you mentioned

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    • Only helpful if you're hooking up at a bar or club...

    • Not true. It works just as the same in day to day interactions as it's all about human nature. You could get the same indicators talking to a barista at Starbucks or a cutie checking out a book at Barnes & Noble.

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  • All girls are different in the way they show interest in a guy. For me, I try to get to know a guy, asking questions about interests (movies, music, etc.), make eye contact, that sort of thing to start. After a while, if he's showing interest in me too, when we're talking or I pass by him, I'll touch his arm, his back, waist, etc. Once I get comfortable with a guy, and he's really showing interest, then I usually play fight a little. You know, the childish, tickling, poking, blocking his way, that sort of thing. I'll also hug him after hanging out for a while. But, like I said, all girls are different. Hope this helps!

  • its actually REALLY simple. girls won't touch you or try to hug you if their not at least some what interested. also if she is with another guy and ocasionally peeks at you then she is deffinatly interested. those are the basic two signs that are pretty hard to miss.

  • Well you can tell if a girl likes you when they start to get flirty, like if they try to be your center of attention when your not interested. They start trying to hug you, and they don't stop staring or talking to you.

  • when you flirt with her, she will enjoy it, she never sounds bored when you speak to her

  • when girl like you if you tell a her something funny she will laugh and when you are around she will tern red if she text you a lot and when she calls you tell all of your friend that are boy

  • heyy

    if I like a guy I go up to them and hug them and just talk to them and make a eye contact with them

    if you have aim I IM him when he's online

  • When I like a guy I smile at him a lot more than at other guys, make a lot of eye contact and I tend to get a little nervous sometimes. I pay more attention to him than I do to other guys, touch him on the arm casually, tease him and hug him (but sometimes this depends on whether or not he hugs me first).


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