Tattoos and Piercings?

I have been thinking more and more lately,

About the situation of my piercings and tattoos.

Currently, I have one tattoo, and multiple piercings.

I have a star, tattooed on my right hip bone, nothing special, simple,

I have my ears pierced twice, the lower holes being "stretched" slightly to a size 6 gauge, small still, and small enough,

Should I take it out, it will heal up to normal piercing size.

I have my tongue pierce and have for years now.

On top of a few others.

I was more or less curious what everyone thought about piercings, and tattoos, are certain piercings a "no no?" Like Monroe piercings and nostril piercings?

And when talking about tattoos there are many things I would like to get done,

More often than not the ideas that come into my head are bigger tattoos,

For example, I have always wanted a "Corset piercing" tattoo,

Where the "ribbon" appears to be threaded in and out of your skin, and it is "tied in a bow" at the small of your back. I really like the idea of this tattoo and hope to get it very soon, what are your opinions on that? I also want to get the star on my left hip, to match the one on my right.

Tattoos and piercings seem to more or less these days define who you are. Ie. if you have a tongue piercings, you're trashy. Or, if you're covered in tattoos you're white trash or rough or whatever the stereotypes happen to be at the time.

But all tattoos and piercings are, are a form of expression, right?

All opinions are appreciated, but let's not get too awfully preachy, please.


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  • Well to be honest with you. don't remove any of your piercings because I seen you in person you know I wwould really like your tattoos and piercings.. the tattoo you want to get on your back I think that's really pretty and the star on your left hip bone. tha would be a perfect idea. but I really like girls that have tattoos and piercings. its whpo they are and will I'm on guy that won't back down from having and girlfriend that's got tattoos and piercings.


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  • the guages you have are fine usually I find them attractive I don't know why. don't like the industrial piercing on the ear most of the ones I have seen look bad. other than that piercings are fine.

    tattoos go for what ever makes you happy. I would say get somthing that has a meaning to it but do what makes you happy and if you want to express yourself that way more power to you.

    • I don't have an industrial and I can't get one,

      Because they refuse to pierce the cartilage in my ear because it's all scar tissue,

    • Not a bad thing in my opinion

  • Everyone gets stars. That's so gay. Should've gotten a swastika.

    • My brother has swastikas on each of his shoulders. got them I'm prison, it felt a little less original to me. I've had the star on my right hip since I was 13. before it was the cool thing to do.

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    • Mmm I can do that,

      But there has to be something visible just to top it off,

      Peak peoples curiosity so that they ask to see.

      Hmm, any ideas?

    • An inverted cross for sure.

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  • Do what you want to do to make YOURSELF feel beautiful. If you want to get a corset piercing (ive seen one and it looks pretty badass), do it! Don't put a hault on something just because you are worried that someone won't like you for it. Not everyone will like us even if we conform to the norm. If you get all the piercings and tattoos you want... you will find someone that will love 100% of you!