Do women like it when men remove hairs from their legs and arms?

Removing of hairs from the torso is necessary because women don't tolerate torso hairs , but what about legs and arms hairs on men?
Wax them as well?
Do women like it when men remove hairs from their legs and arms?

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Should i close it soon?


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  • It's not required.

    • Okay, but it adds to the beauty and sex appeal of a man when he removes those hairs alongwith the chest hairs?

    • I don't know a man who shaves his chest hairs off.

    • Maybe you don't know men who shave their chest because they Don't even grow much hair that needs to be shaved?
      Isn't it?

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  • I like chest hair. Hairless legs and arms would be a turn-off.

    • Like the chest hairs loke above when they are visible from top shirt button?
      And if leg and arms hairs is in abundance amount?

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    • It's inappropriate that hairs are visible?
      Why is it inappropriate? Hmm
      If you see it's only the top button that's unbuttoned, so he should button that up as well and wear tie?

    • You say you like chest hair and then you say it's inappropriate to let the chest hair visible like this. You feel such men should either button up their necks or maybe wear round neck t shirt to hide it?

  • yeah i like it


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