My man looks at girls and thinks I should not.

He denies it. He tries to pull the old hug and look treatment. It is so obvious. I have told him how I feel. He denies even more. I know he loves me. And I love him. But, this issue seriously makes me physically and mentally sick.

I have tried giving him the same treatment and he blows up.

I am not ugly nor weak. After so long I get sick of the same shit.


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  • well ask him what intrigues him about those other girls. Express and tell him every day that he is lucky to have what he has and show him your beauty. Don't be ashamed to wear bikinis more often around him, it is summer! and even if it goes so serious go to the extremity to give him an ultimatum. Tell him if he wants to continue to do that, he will have to go a week or so without seeing you or talking to you. That could change his behavior fast.


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