What do guys look for in girls?

I see my friends and they all have guys in there life's. I'm a lot like them but I have my own style and personality. Sometimes I think I'm intimidating or something but I always offer a smile and kind words, I'm a tough girl who can take care of herself. I know I'm an attractive girl, I play sports and workout. I don't have the slightest clue what guys look for in a girl


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  • what guys want always differs from person to person.u don't have to do anything.be yourself. true love is when you like someone the way he is.if some guy accepts you the way you are and doesn't wants you to change for him then that's true love.u sound like a really nice girl.i am sure you will find a nice guy.btw,concentrate on studies rather than guys. best of luck.


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  • You sound awesome so I'm sure you're exactly what guys look for. Just keep smiling, laughing, and being fun. There is nothing to it, if you think you're semi-attractive, then you are ultra-attractive to dudes. But I have to ask...why are you asking this when you're 16! I thought you'd be 24 or something. Stop worrying so much about dudes and start worrying about your homework. You will get a guy have no fear.


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  • A woman who names her t*ts. I named my left one Samantha and the right is called BiteMeHard.

    A woman who knows where her g-spot is. Mine is 2-inches deeper than most girls.

    A woman who is willing to be in a 3some. So long as it's 2 guys on both ends then I have no complaints.

    A woman who has thought about BDSM so long as she is the dominant one and the man gets to be touched, eventually.

    A woman who is always open for business and welcomes all new customers with a complimentary taste test.


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