How can I be more attractive?

I'm a guy that plays guitar, in my own and the schools band, I play football and I'm not the worst looking guy but I seem to evoke no interest in women. I try to be more appealing but it doesn't seem to work at all. ladies I really need help, I don't want to go through high school without a girlfriend. p.s. I'm a freshman in high school and I have no real popularity in the guy or girl groups. can you help?


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  • im tellin you, if you just sit back and do what you do best, the bytches will come linin up and down your block jus beggin for you to...(LOL) naw I'm jus playing, but for real I know for a fact we girls love to hear guys play the guitar. on top of that you are on the football team. you just wait they'll take notice of you soon.

    • Girls with real character - will notice if you are trying to hard and being superficial just to get a girl - or if you are a genuinely nice guy with real talent. If you are a gentlemen to the ladies - they will take notice... but don't try to hard unless that is the image you want to have (which I guess some guys do...)

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  • well, you are athletic.

    oh. I think your cute . I'm a girl and I feel attracted to guys who knows how tio play guitar/sings.


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