Why don't guys fall for shy girls?

How come they usually are attracted to the really outgoing, popular ones?


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  • Generally they go for the outgoing girls because they feel like they know them better, but I will go for a shy girl, you just have to open up a little bit and show them what you are like, in general though nice guys will go for shy girls, they just may be too shy to ask you out.

    • If you act too shy you may give off the appearance that you aren't interested. It may also give the impression that your not a fun individual. My personal choice is the girl who can be a tomboy with my friends and a chick when we're alone.

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  • They go after the ones who look like fun, and who look like they will still have a life and not be too clingy.

  • 90% of the guys in your class are probably just as shy as you. Try dating one of them.


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  • From how I see it, and from what all my brothers and their friends tell me..

    Guys like fun girls, that don't get "attached" quickly , and usually girls that

    are up in front of the class laughing with friends and things are the girls that

    are more independent, the dependent ones are usually the shy ones.

    Because they open up to you and then they think you guys are perfect

    for each other and it probably annoys guys.

    Don't get me wrong.. guys like ALL types of girls, but outgoing girls

    are ALOTTTT more approachable.

    I have always been really outgoing and I'm hyper and I'm always with friends

    and things.. guys always say how hot they think I am and they always give

    me hugs and stuff. But I run into a problem the seconds guys that I'm going

    out with realize that I hug all these guys and they all think the same of me.

    Sometimes, that happens. it is never really on purpose.. but it's just like friends

    of mine anymore. They hug me and I think its normal.. when some people are too

    shy to hug their own boyfriends!

    Also, shy girls are sometimes way too much of a chase.. who wants to chase

    around a girl everywhere and never get her because she it too shy.

    Don't get me wrong though.. I get shy sometimes. like when I'm with a guy

    that I REALLY like.. but they say they thinks its cute. lol.

    Good Luckk!