Why am I so hung up over him?

ok so..

i like this lad in the year above me and every time I pick up the courage to say hi to him I either get really nervous or his friends are in the way!

is there any other way I could start speaking to him without looking like an idiot!?

the other day he looked at me. I was talkin ta my friends and I looked areound and he was looking and smiling at me? does he like me or what?

i somethimes get really upset with the fact I think I have no chance with him!

what should I do?

thanks! :)

He was walkin down the corridore and I was lookin at him and he looked back and we kept eye contact for a few seconds and he was smilin at me! :


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  • Friends around him or not, if you go up to him with confidence you're going to leave an impression.

    So walk up to him, ask him for his number, and walk away happy.


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