In between sizes?

OK I know with me stores like stitches there largest size is 14 now. once it was 16. I am a size 16. and now when I go into fat stores there are very little selection for size 16 because its the small size of plus size. anyone else notice this?


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  • i've noticed this year, the sizes are messed up. for example, if your're a size 9 in jeans, this year you'll be a size 13. its so annoying. there making clothes now too tight just for those skinny girls. it make me mad! I can never find anything!

    • I know what you mean. and like I get all depressed becuase I'm a size 16 at thoes in stores but at giant tiger I'm a 12. its like not easy to shop.

  • omg yes! I wear that size and its so hard to find clothes that fit. I heard that because most women in america wear a 14/16 so that size sells out fastest

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