There are more kinds of beauty. Agree or disagree?

In my opinion, there's not just 'beauty', but there's different kinds of beauty. As I see it:

-Beautiful: absolutely perfect. All the kinds of beauty in one. It's hard to "obtain" this kind of beauty, especially for humans. Someone has to be kind, look amazing and overal just be perfection.
-Attractive: totally subjective. I can be attracted to someone while someone else finds them ugly. It's a form of sexuality and opinion. You don't have to look good to be attractive for someone.
-Cute: a person that is cute is just adorable. There's really no other way to put it.
-Stunning: someone who is beautiful on the outside. There is a general norm of who these people are. Models, movie stars etcetera.

Have you got any other types I should add?
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  • I always said: Beautiful, Pretty, Cute, Gorgeous, Sexy. I've never used the word Stunning before. But yeah that too. There is also drop dead gorgeous. I've noticed that these terms mean something different depending on the woman they are spoken too. I think you should add "Pretty" to the list.


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  • of course, beauty is a matter of perception


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  • I disagree. Although beauty, attractiveness , cuteness and stunning looks are important , it doesn't mean that others are not beautiful. Our beauty has a relationship to our lives and relationships with others. Each person has a right to feel good and beautiful about himself/herself and about his/her own body. The standards of beauty set by society cannot fit or accommodate every person beautifully. Society is acutely obsessed with small figures---zero size or thin. And fair or well toned body. If a person does not fit these standards he/she is made to feel that they are not good enough and that they deserve to be shamed. Our bodies should not be allowed to be objectified and shamed in this way. We are all equal and different in our own unique ways. We cannot be made to feel insecure because of our looks. We all deserve to be loved. We should not hate our bodies nor should we hate others bodies. Instead we should be more open minded and non-judgemental and start celebrating our own bodies. Happiness lies inside our bodies so we cannot be less beautiful no matter how we look.

  • And witty - where there is a sharpness in the personality


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