What are some reasons why girls wouldn't notice me?

Girls hardly notice me and never really make much eye contact in a public setting. So I think I've narrowed it down to this:

1. I'm just average looking

2. I'm shy and quiet

3. My style is kind of plain

4. I'm relatively short (5'7)

5. I'm not muscular or athletic (not fat either)

6. Girls don't oogle over too many guys

Which of these do you think can be why girls don't seem to notice me?


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  • Well, you don't put yourself out there to people and girls won't notice you unless you notice them. Girls usually aren't the aggressive ones and need some kind of action put towards them. Girls might notice you but girls are waaayyyy more subtle about checking a guy out so if there was you probably wouldn't notice anyways. Try to put yourself out there more and I guarantee you will start seeing some feedback.

    • I just don't know... I get mixed signals all the time. Like when I'm indoors I will catch a girls eye and she might look at me when we walk past each other and it scares me so I look away before she does. But then I might be eating in the school cafeteria and I'll peak around and girls seem to not notice me. I know a girl isn't going to stare non-stop, but if I were at all decent looking it seems I'd get more than what I do.... :(

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    • Thanks for taking the time to help me! Based upon my lack of attention from girls, it seems I'm average looking at best. But I don't get it, I have been called hot and cute by girls, even ones that I don't know... I don't know if it's just a weird preference of those girls that aren't mainstream. But the majority of other girls don't seem to think I'm good-looking... :(

    • I think that instead of waiting to be called hot (most girls aren't very forward about these things) you should start calling girls cute and things like that because girls like the attention and will probably like you more. Being shy can make you seem stand-offish and unapproachable, so, just let yourself be known as a friendly guy and go out of your way to be friendly.

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  • you need to put yourself out there and talk to girls


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