Can someone (preferably a boy) please tell me what guys think about girls' makeup, clothes, and shoes?

okay, there are girls in my grade who are real big sluts and it annoys me, I want to know if guys actually like that stuff, If you do, please speak up, because I am waiting, not that my parents would ever let me wear high-heels to school, but still, this one girl said she "forgot" her clothes after she had taken a shower and then walked the long like I don't know 20 yards back to her cabin from the bathroom/bath house thingy in only a towel, come on! Slutty! if not, then please tell me so, because I NEED to know, (sorry if I sound desperate, whoops!) but I just want to know if guys really are that pervy and go gaga over that stuff. Also, do you find makeup attractive or just goth-looking and weird, because one time I had only a little bit of mascara on and this one dude who happens to like me asked me if I was going goth and then I said no and he said good, so I don't know maybe you don't like it and I am perfectly okay with that. so anyways yeah also, do you like tight clothes, and also please only answer this if you are a true boy who doesn't see girls as little sex icons to own and stuff but if you are actually looking for the right girl and stuff so yeah, thanks , well, bye, I hope at least someone answers this


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  • Wooaahh, that was a lot...

    Ok. No I don't like "sluts", but that is an objective term, and frankly, I couldn't get a good idea of how you define sluts besides a girl who is fairly outwardly sexual.

    Walking a small distance across a campus in a towel is really left up to witnesses regarding how to judge someone. Did she actually seem embarrassed, or did she just waltz along showing off? If it's the latter then I would probably agree that she is, for lack of a better term, "slutty". However, when it comes to a man's reaction to a girl doing that, it comes down to this: She is naked. Men like naked women.

    I personally don't find make up a necessity on a woman, but I don't see it as a negative unless she over does it. I don't often think of women wearing make up as "goth", and I'm not really sure why you would get that. Unless you were wearing an odd tone, or the guy was being a d***, I don't know why a little mascara would make someone think you are goth .

    On tight clothes, it once again comes down to the fact that men like to look at women, and tight clothes show off. However, I, personally, would prefer a girl in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • I hate the word slut and I hate people like you that will judge a person by how they dress or who they sleep with but never look in the mirror to see if THEY are the reason guys don't want anything to do with them.


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