What do girls prefer? gel or axe putty?

So I wanna change my hair from regular to faux-style and I was wondering what would be best for that? There's the messy-hair--putty for axe that I was thinking of using, and I've heard that some girls don't like gel. I'm curious to know what's good for it?

Also, random question, do girls care much about eyebrows? my eyebrows are bushy-ish blonde and I naturally grow a uni-brow (though I shave it).

ALSO ANOTHER RANDOM QUESTION! what's the best side burn length? I can never get it down!

you don't need to answer these if you don't want I'm just curious


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  • I prefer putty over gel, just because it's less crunchy and shiny looking. Plus, the one from Axe smells good too!

    I don't like unkempt unibrows, but I have to say STOP SHAVING. Your hair is only going to grow back coarser. If you want to get rid of it, go to a salon and have it waxed, but you'll have to grow it out a bit first so there's enough hair for the wax to attach to. Most places will say 1/8 of an inch at least (or the usual length of an eyebrow hair is fine too). If you don't want to wax, then pluck it, but make sure the first time you do it, you take some sort of Tylenol or Ibuprofen about an hour before you start, and you may want to numb the area with ice. I don't know if you've ever plucked your brows before, but coming from someone who's had to pluck them for years, the first few times you do it, IT HURTS! Also, when you're plucking make sure you have one hand holding the skin where you're plucking taut. It hurts a bit less that way because when you're pulling out the hair, you won't also pull on the skin too.

    I like sideburns that end no lower than the earlobe. I'm not a fan of muttonchops, but a little sideburn is good.

    • Yeah I must agree muttonchops are gross. I like some sideburn though instead of none, because it brings the man out of me. hehe. Thanks for your opinion!

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  • I wouldn't worry about the gel as much as I would the axe putty. I don't know of too many girls that like the smell of axe products. I haven't actually smelled the putty, but according to online reviews, a lot of people liked the product's hold, so the scent might not be a deal-breaker.

    Gel can look goopy and greasy looking, so maybe the putty would be a better option.

    I wouldn't shave your uni-brow, the hair can become ingrown which can give you terrible itchy bumps. I would advise plucking or threading. If you don't know what threading is, there are terrific You-Tube videos that can give you step-by-step instructions. I have tried both techniques and neither are painful. If it bothers you that much, have a lady-friend of yours help you shape them with tweezers.

    The middle of your earlobe is typically a good length for sideburns. Look at celebrity magazines, I'm sure you'll find some that you like. If you get your hair cut by a professional, show them the picture and ask for those sideburns. There's no shame in that. And you're guaranteed to get something that fit's your face shape if you ask for their opinion.

  • Hmm, personally, I don't like faux-style but I like gel better, I don't know why it's just me. We all have different tastes.

    Girls care a lot about THEIR eyebrows but not much about the guy's eyebrows as far as I know. For me, I think that thick eyebrows are sexy, though a unibrow is not my taste. Flyer has the right approach on how to get rid of it.

    I don't care much for sideburns, to the mid of ear, I guess?

    Hope this helps, keep in mind these are MY opinions and others might disagree,


    • Hmm I see. You have an interesting taste. Thanks for your opinion!

      How could you not like faux-style!?

    • No problem.

      Haha, well, I tend to like guys who aren't chick magnets.

      I just like it short-medium length, well cleaned and preferably dark hair. Plain and down is how I like it.

      A lot of guys at my school on sports teams have the faux style so I find that a bit cliche and they don't stand out for me.

  • i prefer gel on the majority of guys. and there is no best side burn length. it depends on how long your hair is.


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