Where to meet guys?

I'm in a slump and I can't seem to find any guys at my school that I like, or if I do, they're already taken! So my question is *drum roll*

Where are some good places to meet 16/17/18 year old guys? beach? mall? where? :-)


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  • You are cute as a button, the general public is your playground for meeting guys.

    Here's so areas that younger men frequent:

    - The skate park

    - The local/state park

    - The beach

    - Teen dances/School dances

    - The gym

    - Basketball/Volleyball/etc

    - Local concerts/events


    Try those out and let me know if you've had any luck :)

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Every places where a ball or a joystic is involved or clothing stores for guys.

    Most of us can be traced with 4 topics (those are my girlfriend words lol):

    - sports

    - style (music/ clothes)

    - food

    - technology

    Finds the areas in your city that are linked with those and you are pretty sure to find boys

    Happy hunting ... lol

    • True makes sense! I work in a bookstore and I see college guys come by a lot to get sports magazines and theyre the cutest boys ever! I also see em a lot in restaurants!

  • Ok, well if you live in Maryland hit me up ;) hahaha. just kidding. around here, we have these things called mixers or this club called Fusion. Mixers are like private schools that hold dances that anyone can come too, and fusion is like an underage club. Lots of guys and girls. trust me. But your cute, so just hang out with your friends and hit up parties and you'll find someone easily


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