Should I put my lip piercing back in?

So I got my lip done a couple years back and it never closed. So when I got a gift card for the mall I got me a lip piercing. I cleaned it before I put it in and a couple hours later it was really swollen and it was sore so I took it out over night. When I first got my lip done, I'm doing what the guy told me told me to do, an how to clean it but it's still swollen and sore. Today I put back in an it swelled up again so I took it out and let it soak in peroxide I look in the mirror at my lip and around the inside of my lip where the stud was, is white stuff. I googled and it said it was infected and that taking it out would be the last thing to do because it could traps the bacteria inside and to just treat it while the lip ring is still in. Should I put the lip ring back and treat it?Should I put my lip piercing back in?

I did not get my lip pierced at the mall 😂😂 I got it done professionally done a few years back and I just bought lip jewelry. Once I put the jewelry in it started to swell and become really sore.


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  • If you can get the jewelry back in I would. Infection can get trapped. Do saline water and see how that does and make sure the jewelry is good quality and also not something that will press on the piercing, need a ring that will give it room to swell without the pressure.


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  • Okay...
    that is asking for trouble.
    Let it heal, go to a reputable shop and redo it.

    White is okay. If the discharge turns weird colors or starts to smell, see a doctor. If not, you're fine. But, let it heal and get it done professionally with quality jewelry to avoid any issues there

  • If you have the original piercing then put that in because yeah, mall piercings are awful
    Keep putting peroxide on it and go to an actual shop to get it checked out

  • You aren't supposed to take them out when they're infected -.- and don't use peroxide use warm water and sea salt ffs. Kills infection


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