Do guys like it when girls are clumsy?

do they like ti when a girl slips and falls in front of them and when a guy says he wants to get to know you better what does that mean is he turning you down softly?


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  • As far as clumsiness. It's cute when it's accidental and when it's because a girl if flustered from a guy's presence, but too much is just kinda obnoxious.

    A guy saying he wants to get to know a girl better USUALLY means just that. Guys don't tend to play games unless they're trying to get under your skirt.


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  • I like most European accents, but I could really care less about most american ones. The southern ones are especially unattractive to me. A New York accent would probably turn me off just a little if it's particularly strong, but then again, I'm a Californian. ;-)

  • if she's doing it on purpose then it looks like she's trying too hard. if ur just naturally a clumsy person. then that's fine..

    when you try too hard it looks "fake" and fake isn't attractive


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