How much does your wedding dress mean to you??

1. Would you buy a new one or used one? Since these days things seem to cost a whole lot of money.

2. Would you Save it or Give it away or would you Sell it?

3. Can the guy your marring have a say on what he thinks is beautiful on you?

Here are a bunch of things I would like to know about since I have never been married... ANSWER it all or the ones you want!

Thank you for your help in this subject!


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  • 1. A new one. I want my wedding to be something I can look back on every single day and say, "It was exactly how I pictured it", and if that means spending a bit more, so be it. Having wonderful memories about one of the best days of my life (hopefully) would be worth infinitely more to me than how much my dress cost.

    2. Probably save it. There's a wedding dress in my family that has been passed down for at least three generations already. I think it'd be cool if that happened with mine.

    3. To be completely honest... I'd be happy to hear his suggestions but he wouldn't be coming dress shopping with me, if that's what you're asking. While I obviously hope to impress him, I personally think that if he's marrying me, my husband-to-be should think I'm beautiful no matter what I'm wearing. The dress I end up picking will be the one that makes me feel like the prettiest person in the room as I walk down the aisle.

    (Sorry if this double-posts, my computer's spazzing.)

    • Very nice... Oh so you would want to surprise your husband to be with a wedding dress you selected? Yea I think I was thinking what if I went dress shopping with my wife to be...But you made me realize the would ruin the excitement!

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  • 1. I might buy a used one too if I really liked it. I'd like to shop around a lot and be as reasonable as possible lol.

    2. I would probably like to save it, but giving it away like to a friend/daughter etc. would be kinda neat too.

    3. Of course he'd have a say, he's the one I really want to impress :p

  • 1) I would buy a used one and becuase I am artsy I would take somethings off and add some things on it to make it one of a kind.

    2) I would keep it and then if any one of my children wanted it they could have it.

    3) as for the guy I marry... he might have a say becuase well I'm walking down to marry him so yeah he could give me pointers as I make my dress.

    • Making your wedding dress now that's a twist.... Hmmmm... artsy too... I really like "one of a kind" thing cause I know I am "one of a kind" :P

    • Lol that you are.

  • 1. I would buy an used one but only if a I really liked it... Besides you know what they say -something blue,something borrowed,something used...- :)

    2. I would save it...

    3. Yes definitely ;) That's a good way to start taking decisions together...

    • Yea I think these days with weddings going up in price, You could cut corners in money by buying it used and having it professionally cleaned and altered to fit you...

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