Can you recommend any good foundation and concealer for oily and acne-prone skin?


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  • A visit to a dermatologist and frequent washing with soap and warm water to keep the pores clear would be more beneficial.

    • She's asking what type of foundation she could buy. Not for health advice.

    • @Superchick123
      If she paints acne-prone skin with cosmetics, she is going to have a serious problem. Someone needed to point that out.

    • Yes, I agree, but it isn't what she asked. If she washes her face and takes care of her skin by using moisturizers and makeup remover, her skin should be fine. A dermatologist is a good idea. However, some people have bad acne problems and oily skin and they just have to live with it. So, foundation and concealer does usually make a difference and help them out.

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  • I don't have your skin type, but if you're looking for a cheap one, there are ones from CoverGirl that are made for oily skin. Be sure that after waiting for your foundation to set, to use either a translucent or powder coherent to your skin type to finish off the look at make it look matte. Also, if you have acne, I recommend that you use a concealer. Be sure to apply the foundation after apply the concealer or else your skin will look cakey. Don't mix in your foundation with your fingers. I recommend using a brush by Elf. Also, perhaps you should try taking a piece of toilet paper and separating it so it's one ply and throughout the day, if you notice sweat accumulation or oil, lightly pat at your skin and reapply the powder. Good luck and all the best! God bless!

    • Thank you! I normally have clear skin but all hell breaks loose during my period, it kinda makes me feel self-conscious when going out. I've been using Elf brushes, I think they're the best out there. :)

    • I understand haha, same goes for me and my skin. I always break up when I'm either stressed or on my period.

    • Thank you for MHO!

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  • If your skin is acne prone you should look into a good skin care regimen to reduce that situation first before you look for make-up just to cover it up. Putting make-up on oily acne prone skin to cover up that acne will only lead to more acne and a worse acne situation. Good skin care is always the first and most important step if you plan on wearing make-up. Take care of your skin first, and when your acne clears up more only then should you focus on make-up.

  • iFactory's Killing Converst works pretty well for coverage.

  • The 24hr concealer by Astor is my personal favorite. I have your skin type and it doesn't cause break outs, stays put and is relatively cheap (~9€). They only have it in 2 shades though and they both are quite light, so I don't know if that works for you.


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