How can I get people to know I'm alive?

OK so I used to think I was a pretty attractive person, but I'm beginning to think maybe not because no guys know I'm alive. I love doing fun stuff and am an outgoing person. Last year I was with a freshman in college and it seemed like there were 50 other guys who wanted to be with me, he broke up with me 6 months ago and I figured that it'd be pretty easy to find a new boyfriend when I decided I was ready for one, but now there are no guys that like me... they always like my friends and I feel like I am always the one who get forgotten. A lot of times I feel like I'm invisible and no one even notices me. So what are some tips on how to get guys to notice/ remember me? I really don't know what I'm doing wrong, I've always been pretty self confident and fun loving and laid back. but idk... I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm just not that attractive since I can never get the attention of the guys I like.


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  • Find a short, handsome guy that will treat you perfect and just talk to him. And keep in mind, Big things come in small packages... ;) Sorry, I am short guy that is really trying to find a girl... but for real, just talk to guys, any guy that you see that you like, talk to him. He isn't going to just stare you in the face and give you complete silence... He will more than likely at least respond... so that's step one to making a guy realize you are a real person. And if your attractive he will be interested if you are funny and nice to that special guy.

    • Thanks! this is really helpful! Maybe that's part of it... I get really intimidated when I think guys are attractive. I can talk to them if I really want but a lot of times I figure they wouldn't like me. lol maybe that's my problem I just should get over it and go talk to them

    • Good luck! I have that problem with hot girls a lot too. Well at least with the approaching part... but if a girl walks up to me with a smile on her face and wants to talk, you better believe I'm gonna say something back! Once again, good luck finding that special someone!

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  • Always remember there is someone for everyone - Everyone is beautiful to someone else you know what I mean -

    The right one will come along - When I just got out of a relationship, I use to always be looking for that next girl, asking myself is she the one, maybe she is. But as time went on I learned that the right one will come along when the time is right ya know.

    Just be yourself, stay to yourself, and once the right man comes along, you will know = )

    • Thanks :) I really appreciate this... it's really encouraging, and you are right. It just gets hard sometimes when no one notices you and you're like "whats wrong with me!" but you are so right. Thanks!

    • My pleasure = )

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  • Flirt...if your outgoing you shouldnt have a problem with this...just go up and talk to them... dosnt matter if you don't know gets you noticed and the reason they liked you when you were going out with somone is because guys like what they can't have!

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