My boyfriend looks at girls everywhere we are , I usually don't notice, he won't make it obvious, but his friends tell me when he tells them stories of hot girls he's seen at , my work for example, or at a public place. It sucks cause now I'm worried that anywhere a hot girl is he's staring . It's not fair , what can I do for him to just have eyes for me? It upsets me and I get jealous now of any pretty girl around him , when I have never been like that before . Help !


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  • Fact: Taken or not, guys will always notice pretty girls.

    We're visual creatures. That's just how it is. It doesn't mean that he doesn't love you.

    What I wonder is why is it that his "friends" are telling you about girls he just "sees".

    Are they telling you that he'd rather be with those girls than be with you?

    Does he ever make it obvious that he's looking when he's with you, almost as if he doesn't care if you notice?

    Don't you ever see a gorgeous guy and take notice?

    Or watch a movie with your girlfriends and say something like "oh, that guy has a cute butt!"?

    Just make sure that it's just his eyes that are wandering and it's not his heart... or his "Joystick". :)


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  • It's normal to check out good looking girls. If he didn't, they'd feel bad about themselves! It sounds like his so good at this that you don't even notice for the most part.

  • Actually its completely fair. Healthy males have sex drives. You're never going to make him have eyes for ONLY you, and if you try to, eventually he'll leave you.


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