How to catch his eye?

I'm totally clueless. I like this boy a lot and he has no idea I exist. when I ask the question how do I get him to get to know me?. people say just smile and say hi every time you looks at you. but the problem is he doesn't look at me. and I don't know how to get him to look at me I want to seem interesting but I want him to at least notice me! please help!


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  • okay well try this on a sunday night get your self ready do your nails, shower, try out your make up, chose your clothes, basicly what you want is to do is look sexy but casual, something that makes you feel good because it's all about confidents! then on monday listen to some sexy music to get you pumped up! and at school just go right up and talk to him! start a convo about something he knows a lot about be really firlty and laugh and smile a lot guys love a girl who likes to have a good time! then at the hight of your conversations when he's really into it, tell him that you have to go but you guys should continue this conversation at a latter time, then turn give him a flirty little wave and walk away! and make sure to not look back! this will leave him thinking about you and wanting more! then just sit back and wait for him to come looking for you!

    hope this helps! :) <3

    good luck (:

    • Awww, ok thanks heaps yer I guess that helps I can plan somthing out with that ;) thanks heaps!

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