Double question! How many layers of clothes do I need for skiing, and do I wear it to the hill or change there?

My friends are picking me up this weekend to go skiing. I'm new so I've got a lesson booked. They are picking me up by car in the morning, and it's about an hour and a half away. Can you help me figure out what to wear, and if I should wear it in the car? Thanks so much!


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  • Wear many layers... as a beginner, you will stand around much time.

    Wear your pairs of supr warm thermals, a turtleneck, a hoodie and your skiing jacket. On your legs your thermals, leggings, tights and your skiing pants.

    You can't be too warm for skiing. Dress at home, you you don't need to fiddle around with your clothing in the cold.

    • I'm not sure I can fit tights over top of leggings if that's what you are suggesting!! Would thermals and leggings and skiing pants be enough?
      I do have warm thermals a turtleneck and a hoodie and a ski jacket though! Are you sure that's not too much? I can wear it for sure!!

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    • OK I'm getting ready for this ski trip tomorrow and tried all all what you suggested. So I have on thermals (top and bottom), a turtleneck under a hoodie and my jacket on top. On my legs I have leggings over my thermals, yoga pants (I couldn't fit tights), and ski pants. To be honest I am feeling super warm in this outfit and had to unzip before I could take the picture! Do you think I can lose a layer for tomorrow (maybe lose the turtleneck and yoga pants since it's an hour long car ride!) or should I stick it out with this? Thanks for all your help!

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  • You won't need that much. Trust me, you're get hot and start sweating

    • I don't know! I'm not used to the cold! How many layers are we talking about here?

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  • When I first went I put on too many layers. Let's just say my skin was melting

  • wear it there two layers


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  • Enough layers so you can strip depending on the temperature. Wear a thermal t-shirt (and if you are coldy a top underneath), a fleece and a warm skiing jacket. Yoy wear them from home

  • A layer of thermals "long underwear"
    Snowpant and jacket
    And were b4 u get there

    • Thanks! I have a pair of thermals that are super warm, but I don't wear anything between my thermals and my jacket? No fleece or hoodie?

    • No, my cousin snow boards and she's fine. If you have too many layers you won't move.

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