What's a good present for my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend and I have had a big fight recently. We just got back together. And well lets just say the fight was my fault. So anyway I want to get him a present, a 'just because' present. Something that's not such a big deal. Something small or funny. I have no ideas though. Buying guys presents always freaks me out.

please throw in any ideas

thank you


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  • A hand-written card is always nice.

    Other than that, what mochamix said.


What Girls Said 1

  • well I have a better idea how about if you make him something!

    i don't know if you guys in love or what but if you are usually stuff that you make means a whole lot more than the things you buy!

    you can cook him dinner and invite him over you can sit up all night with him watching his fav. movies and stuff , or make something with you names or pictures on it for him to keep and soo on

    if you just wanna buy him something then cloth are the keyword you surely know his fashion style so keep along with it and get him something fancy