Is it normal for a man to have equally hairy thighs as the lower legs are? Women like hairy legs but what about hairy thighs?

Most women seem to like hairy man legs over smooth shaved.
But what about equally hairy thighs on a man?
My lower legs and thighs are both equally having lots of dark curly coarse hairs.
Is it normal for a man?
Women don't have Hair on thighs.


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  • That is normal and women do have hair on their thighs

    • Women don't have that much coarse hairs on the thighs as much they have in Lower legs.
      Stop kidding.
      When women say they like hairy legs do they mean hairy thighs as well?

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    • Again, a hairy chest isn't a turnoff for me

    • I personally love hairy thighs

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