What to wear around him?

so I'm going to this guys house that I like.

were pretty much together, but I don't know what to wear.

its only like 50 out today so its freezing hah.

so I'm gonna wear my uggs and jeans. but I don't know if I should just wear a hoodie. or a cute shirt and cardigan?

any suggestions. the only reason why I don't think I wanna wear is a hoodie is becuase I'm not sure if his mom is gonna be home, becuase I don't wanna meet her the first time and wear a hoodie, ya know?

sooo help me!


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  • Nothing wrong with a hoodie on a girl...I they look good on girls actually. Can't see why it would bother his mum.


What Girls Said 1

  • Wear the shirt and the cardigan. Soo much cuter and also its just as warm as the hoodie