How bad it is for men to lose their hair in their twenties? Is it unattractive to girls?

I know most girls won't date just because of how the guy looks but when it comes to appearance is it bad being bald for men who's in their twenties?
would you date a guy who has been losing their hair since early twenties? And guys would you be insecure about it if you lost your hair?


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  • I started losing my hair at around 16. The cause of it was something medical but once I went on medication for a thyroid issue, the damage was done. I am very very insecure about it and lost a ton of my confidence from it. I'm now 21 almost 22 and I have really far back widows peak but I started gaining my confidence back when I found out I have a mean jaw line and the ability to keep a permanent 5 o'clock shadow.

    I still dont have a girlfriend yet but I've gained back my confidence to walk up to a girl I find cute and try to get her number, which has worked out sometimes.


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  • Are you that bauld guy who keeps posting questions on here?

    • What? This is the first time i ask about man being bad.
      Okay i live in a country where I can't see bald guys in their twenties. I know girls don't like bald guys but actually never thought about a 27year old bad guy.
      And now there's my best guy friend who's American and white. He's losing his hair and has no comfidence. I thougjt being bald is pretty common in US (have seen them on tv shows lol) and don't know why he's so insecure about it. I just wanna know if he feels insecure if his culture is so cruel to bald guys and give him some confidence if i can?

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