Guys, what if you think a girl is hot / pretty but she has a big /"weird" looking nose?

like do guys care about how a girls nose looks? if it's like one of those noses that have a bump on the bridge of their nose or if it's "too big" or something like that? just not the "normal" straight nose?


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  • I think guys make a bigger deal about bad teeth than a bad nose. Although, women seem to be vicious when it comes to noses. My ex-wife loved to make snide remarks when she saw pictures of an ex-girlfriend who apparently had a large nose.

    So yeah, I think guys care and it probably varies highly from guy to guy, but I've never heard guys talk about big noses with other guys. Bad teeth or bad skin, definitely but not big/weird/imperfect noses.

  • Nose can be a factor only when I would try to find reasons to reject her. If I like her, I care a damn about her nose...


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