Can hair style alone can make a guy very attractive/Beautiful?

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  • It absolutely makes a difference!

    A good example is the "100 Years of Men's Hairstyles" video (can be found on YouTube). They use the same guy for each hairstyle. Although he's handsome all around, he's absolutely STUNNING in the 1940's hairstyle, and he looks awfully questionable when he hit the 60's (IMO).

    • Overall that guy's a handsome guy, so hairstyle alone didn't make him stunner.

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    • I love watching those, there's actually several of them (with men's swimwear, women's hair/makeup, etc).

    • And 10's, 40's, 50's and 80's were my favorites (the 1910 I just find more interesting than attractive), but 60's was a "no", and 2000 annoyed me.

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  • Yes. Everyone has that one hairstyle that makes you look way hotter and takes you up 2 points on the scale. I've seen guys with long hair who I were cleanshaven and they were maybe a 6 at best. But then they got a haircut and a beard and when up to an 8. I've also seen guys who were like a 4 with short hair, but reach a 9 with long. Face shape has a lot to do with it

    • I understood, basically you are saying a guy needs a hair cut that suits his face. But my question is having that particular haircut would you say that guy is 9 just for haircut or for overall look. On other word, is it that haircut that attracts people to him or his overall look?

    • I think the hair can just make a man look better over all. It's not so much the haircut that makes him look attractive, it a just that the right haircut makes him look hotter over all.

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  • It sure can make a big difference. When my friend styled his hair back then the ladies loved him... These days he just rocks a buzz cut cause its easy and he gets it done for free, he's not doing so well with the ladies.

  • Not alone but it can be a huge factor

  • Hm dont think so.


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