Preference on different colored eyes?

I was just curious on what both the sexes opinions were on different colored eyes and what they prefer. Brown, Green, Blue, Grey or Different colored set of eyes. (Ex: One blue one brown)


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  • I like blue and green eyes, mainly bc they're both exotic to me, I've mostly been with brown-eyed girls.


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  • The one blue one brow is called heterochromia, just a tip.

    I love deep brown, but I'm mostly attracted to black people, so I'd be out of luck other wise. Green is nice too, and common enough in mixed guys and girls (like my current interest haha)

    I'm not fond of blue or hazel, because I grew up with the two, blue on my personally and hazel to my mother.

    Grey is always a tad cold to me for some reason, but I'm neutral on the color.

    Heterochromia and broken pupils have always intrigued me, so no complaints on those, also purple/pink/red eyes caused by albinism is beautiful.


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