What does it mean to have value, with simple logic?

i was just reading about why many women, choose to wear stockings or tights etc.. someone said "well men wear socks, so women should wear stockings/tights, it's only fair, right?". but they discredited this by saying women need real logic with value. what does that mean?


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  • I know no women that plan their outfit to match men. Why would a woman ever wear jewelry or dresses if this logic held?

    Women might chose outfits to make themselves feel good or pretty, or to illicit a response or reaction from men (or more likely other women).
    I think they are saying that the original statement is a flawed conjecture, not logical, and is backed by little to no evidence at all.

    Do you wear spandex and heals because women often do? I'm guessing no man (or at least almost none) think this way.


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