Jerk or flirt? ;) Thanks peeps!

So this guy in my science class...i recently colored my hair red, and cut it short and shaggy. He seemed perplexed and came over to my desk and said "can I touch it?" Flustered, I said "NO!" to which he proceeded to pet my head. Weird.

Then, he sits in the back, close to the door, but he always makes a long trip to walk by my desk, and he always taps my desk as he walks by,

and I was walking by him and his friends and there wasn't much room to walk but he pushed me? Like a playful push..i guess? And his friends were like "Dude, did you really just push her?"

The end.

So is he really just a popular jerk, or was he flirting? Why doesn't he talk to me? Or add me on FB?


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  • Well if he was a marine, he would have punched you, but he probably likes you. He either doesn't realize he likes you or he is insecure about liking you. He's afraid of being rejected. It's a normal and natural fear. The real test is to ignore him for a bit and see what happens. If he gives you attention, he likes you.


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  • he... cut your hair?

    what the heck?

    I don't think it matters whether or not he's flirting or being a jerk (but he IS flirting) first ask yourself, do you actually want to date this guy?

    • NOO lol. "I" cut my hair, and he wanted to touch it for some reason.

    • OH didn't see that "i" there, haha completely changes that up! but yea, still flirting lol

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  • You know...hahaha, I'm a huge fan of datingish, it's like an extension of Xanga. Have you ever read some of the posts on that site? What you said just happened to remind me of a post I read once. Here, I found it just so you can look at it. What you do with the message is up to you though, of course. =)