Subcutaneous filaments?

Well this all may sound GROSS I need help! So I found out what I thought were black heads that NEVER went away on my nose? We're actually called "subcutaneous filaments." The difference between the two is subcutaneous filaments are caused skin that is extremely oily (more than normal) and the colorbisnt black. As a black head appears literally the color black and it's more so dirt on the face. If Anyone knows anything about this please HELP. They never go away even with extractions, I read up that just makes it worse. My face is EXTREMELY oily, red and sensitive. I appreciate any advice! Thank you!


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  • You said the problem was extremely oily skin. Treat the source. Try face masks for oily skin and a healthy diet. Try to make sure you buy the right skin products.


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  • Put some olive oil on them, that'll wash off the skin oil. Right?


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