What's are some good face masks and why?

How often do you use it also
Face masks as in after or before washing your face. To revive your face after a long day or week. For acne etc.


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  • So I just got a jar of aztec secret indian healing clay which is pure calcium benonite and it is AMAZING.

    It deals with my oily T-zone, it smooths my rough cheeks, it helps with acne and blackheads, and my skin is soooooo soft and feels sooooooo clean when I wash it off. 10/10 would recommend.

    • I forgot about that! I need something that won't dry my skin though. I got an early wrinkle from popping pimples. I'm only 18 😭

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    • Ok I believe you 🤗 I'll order some

    • Good luck! I've used it with only water so the apple cider vinegar is not a requirement

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  • I would suggest catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask from lush cosmetics. I have acne and I find the mask very soothing and leaves a nice calm feeling on the face once its off. I use it about twice a week. It runs about $9, however its sold in stores only.

  • It's hilarious that guys think you're talking about costume/party masks. LOL! I personally don't use a lot. So I wouldn't know. Though I have tried this Korean masks I believe. They only hydrate your face though and they leave your face VERY shiny.

  • i use charlotte tilbury goddess skin clay mask. is it so amazing it makes my skin fresh, its like baby skin. my skin looks amazing


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