Who should I choose?

So there are two girls that I like a lot. Both of them have similarities and differences. One is named Mirae and the Other McCall. Mirae is gorgeous, outgoing, easy to talk to, fun to be around, and I've known her for a little longer. McCall is beautiful, not quite as outgoing, but super nice, both of them like me and the worst part is they are good friends. I need to choose soon or I'll lose both of them.

I don't know who to choose because I like them equally and they both are amazing girls. I need some tips on how to decide. Both of them cheer and McCall dances as well. HELP! Ha ha


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  • well it seems hard that one is nicer than the other pick what ur heart says


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  • If I was in your position, I'd pick the one that I've known longer. I don't know why but it's just me. You are one lucky man and let me know which one you end up picking. :)

    • Ha well the problem is I met them both the same night, september 29 2009, il never forget it ha ha.

    • I thought you said you've known Mirae longer.

      Obviously, you wouldn't mind either or and you have trouble picking, so why not Heads or Tails? :P

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  • Pick the girl who you can be yourself around. The one who knows all the little small things that make you smile. I can see this being a tough choice since they have their similarities, but if you go with your gut and how you just naturally feel about both of them you can't go wrong.

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