How stupid am I?

After several absolutely freezing days, I had enough and decided I better bundle up. I went all out with heavy weight thermal long underwear top and bottom. Layered turtleneck sweater dress, hoodie, leg warmers, you name it. Put on my huge goose down parka, hat, scarf over my face, thick snowboarding pants, and boots. I put my fur hood up, mittens on, I was ready, no skin exposed.

So I walk outside to the bus stop and didn't feel a thing! I was winning at life.

I looked around and saw all these people so under-dressed for the weather. I stood there feeling like a genius, but I was getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer...

Then it hit me... I wasn't even cold outside! Like way above freezing! I was so bundled I didn't even notice... by the time I did I was already on the bus on the way to work!!!

Please tell me how stupid I am...
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  • You don't have much experience dressing for the cold to you? The way you dressed made me think you were at the top of Jay's Peak in VT going snowboarding with a -10F temp and a -30F wind chill.

    • The *one* day I go all out...

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    • hmmm high of 14F for like 3 days straight?

    • You probably could have gotten by without the hoodie and snow pants. Loose jeans to wear over the thermals and a hat with the parka should have been sufficient in that cold weather. Considering what you had on removing the parka, scarf and hat would have prevented you from overheating.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Should always take a look at what the weather is like out there eh.

    • I even have a weather app on my phone I didn't check... how did I not notice right away?


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  • I don't know. Take an IQ test and then we can answer.

  • I would have enjoyed seeing you bundled up this way.

  • lol?


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