What do you look for in a girl/guy?

I just wanna know!(:

Hair color? Eye color? Hair length? Height? Skinny? Curvy? Muscle? Nice legs? Nice butt? Etc. !


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  • My perfect guy has dark hair and green eyes, but I'll settle for blue, lol.

    short hair

    tall (taller than me in my 5 inch heels and I'm 5'8")

    Well toned, like abs and pecs and nice strong arms (but not Mr America)

    A nice butt of course... lol

    And then there's personality... and then it doesn't matter at all what he looks like. If he is an amazing guy, I don't care what he looks like... but if he looks exactly like I said above and is a total jerk, then I don't care what he looks like...

    I know that may sound like a "oh you're just saying that", but I'm not, it's actually happened to me, on numerous occasions... :)


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  • Long/medium Brown/blonde Hair (doesnt really matter tho)

    Blue Eyes (doesnt really matter tho)

    Smaller then me (im 6'2") but no midgets

    Average size body, not too skinny but not too fat:

    Nice legs

    Nice butt

    Nice boobs

    Atleast an average face, like 80% of girls fall into that category

    And some nice bonuses are:

    Nice smile

    Nice laugh

    Nice teeth


What Girls Said 2

  • Looks-wise

    Dark short-medium hair (I really like brown for some reason)

    Blue/brown eyes


    Don't really care about muscles, I mean as long as he's in shape it's fine

    Clean, no facial hair

    Not really a fan of piercings/tattoos

    Nice smile

    Dresses well

    Nice legs

    Leaning more for pale but tan's nice too


    A shy sensitive guy with soft voice


    Good personality

    Good sense of humour

    Interests (Woodshop, music, art, writing)

    Speaks ''romantic'' languages (french/spanish)

    Not too picky, am I? :P

  • What I look into a guy is personality. But for me he has to be taller then me because I'm pretty short. Not too tall. Buff with muscles hair color would be brown or black. With green eyes. Short hair with a nice tight butt. And he HAS to have very good style.!