How to start doing eyeshadow makeup?

I'm interesting in learning how to apply eyeshadow to my big brown eyes. The problem is I'm a beginner to doing this. I don't know what kinda eyeshadow brushes and how I should be applying my eyeshadow to my eyes. Any suggestions, free sites and books you know of that could help?


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  • Being a guy that is not my specialty = ) But I love brown eyes on a girl and couldn't turn down your question.

    One thing I can tell you is to check out YouTube - Just go on there and type in a few words. For example, how to apply eyeshadow and boom, a long list of videos = ) Hope this helps. Post some pics so we can see how it went, if you want to that is.

    If you happen to choose me for Best Answer, Thanks in advance = )


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  • eye shadow does not always have to be all those layers of colors, kinda have to work your skills up but I will give you beginners help

    I would advise you get a make up box thing, like at ulta for 20 bucks when they are on sale. they have all the colors and eyeshadow is something you kinda where with what you feel and are wearing.


    you want to take white and apply a tad near the corner of your tear duct,...underneath the brow...and on the bottom rims of your eyes, like right on it


    one way to do it is to line the eyes,...take a bit of color and very thinly apply to the top line of your eyes, so there is color around the edge. It does not look heavy but just gives a bit of color (purple is probably best for your eye color, like dark plums.)

    another way is to cascade the color a bit, take a dark color such as a dark brown and line the top edge of your eyes then put a lighter color on above it and then put a lighter color above that.

    these are the very basic looks of eyeshadow,...I advise not to go very heavy on the eyeshadow other wise it can look a bit comical

    some books and sites I would advise is cosmopalitin has some beautiy books and they go over some techniques for applying,...but I think the best way to learn the eyeshadow art is to go on you tube and search up michel phan,...she is the best

    I hope this helps you out,