How do get static out of suede dress and widen leather booties?

It's for my winter dance and it's clinging super bad even to my pantie/thong I've tried a dryer sheet and wetting it a bit but it's not helping. Dance is tomorrow evening please help thanks also my booties r kinda tight if there is some way to widen them thanks


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  • There's a spray called Static Guard that you can find pretty much everywhere.

    Go on YouTube and see if it says anything about your shoes but I doubt you'll be able to anything by tomorrow night.


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  • Static: not much to do about it because its caused by friction and very dry air. Lets hope there is wet air where you dance. Widen them: Wear them as much as you can (if you can wet them without damaging them), make the leather wet or humidify it with steam and wear while wet.


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