Am I doing something wrong, or are my looks intimidating?

So many of the girls in my school, even teachers, just get emotional and guilty around me. I don't really even know what I did. I tried to get advice from teachers, even my mom. At first I thought maybe my looks were intimidating. And not to be narcissistic, but I look mad good for an African person born in America. They act as if I did something wrong to them, Maybe I did, though its very unlikely. I didn't know what to think. I look in class and in the hallways and see I may bring unhappiness to others. Girls may say I'm ugly just to bring me down, though I know its just to keep me from feeling good about myself. They are trying to do minorly bad things to me to bring me down to the gutter with them. It pains them to see its not working. Its makes me feel uncomfortable that someone like me could doing something bad to people; i don't even know what it is! I talked to a male teacher, he said I was a good looking kid, in a non-gay way. I talked to my female teacher, and she said I was handsome. Maybe I make people regret their life situation. Even now, this smart girl in class may have gotten the wrong idea that I like her. I suspect she told her mom, a substitute teacher in my grade, cause now she watches my every move. At this point, I'm just sick of all the bs. My female teacher says I'm on her special list, meaning I'm a special smart kid. I would hate to find out I'm a bad guy. Can someone please help me understand my situation? Every time I try to explain to someone, they just think girls like me. and if they do, why are they acting as if I killed their damn hamsters? My mom says I have no problem, though its hard to believe since I get weird vibes from almost everyone. even through all this year, there was this new spanish teacher who doesn't really look good at all, and she watches the hallways when people com in for school. when I come she looks at me, and then looks down in embarrassment and shame, and I look away because its pretty pediphicular and creepy. what could I have done? Now, there's this shy white girl who turns pink and her eyes start to water when I'm around. I don't even talk to her. personally, I just think she's a creepy wierdo. then, there is this new girl from delran who is just stupid. she shows pics of her boobs to people, she says she'll suck peoples d***, and all she ever talks about is penises. she glimpses at me too. even today, she pulled my hood back just to choke me. I thought she was just kidding, but now I'm wondering if it was a sign of affection or she was trying to hurt me . there are even these cheerleader girls who look at me and are uncomfortable to eat at lunch, call me the and word , quickly take it back and say "just kidding", and start laughing all nervous, thou I just look at them and say "what the hell"? then my boy nigel comes to school the next day and said one of them tried to trash my picture on Facebook. am I intimidating them? Can someone please help me understand my situation and answer all my questions?


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  • I personally think Africans (Yes, I know it's a continent) are very smart people if given the chance. It's probably just the cultural difference they're not used to.
    Quick question - what state/region did you move to? Some states are racist.


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  • If your teachers are telling you that you are special, it's nothing to worry about. It probably has to deal with your good grades or active participation in class. As far as all the weird reactions from girls, maybe they are intimidated by your good looks. I wouldn't worry about these other people. Be yourself, and ignore these people who bother you.

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