I'm sorry but I really fail to see how anyone can find the "gangsta" style attractive. I mean what's hot about being uncoordinated while applying head wear, and walking like you just dropped a deuce in your drawers? I can understand some of the appeal for the hip-hop culture. I have a friend who writes lyrics and freestyles a lot, so I can see the artistic side of it (though I still really don't like any of the music). But the dress style? It just seems so bloody ridiculous, anyone actually find it attractive?


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  • well I wear south-poles which are "gangsta" because I like them, sorry but I don't like jeans that stick to me they don't feel comfortable unlike the gangsta jeans and I like the bad boy image it gives me, but it doesn't look good on everyone...

    some kids just try too hard to look like one


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  • i think there has to be some sort of balance. guys shouldn't wear their pants pulled right up and super tight, but they shouldn't be tripping over them either. personally I like them 3-5 inches below the navel.

  • i like guys who have swag so yeah I like it and find it attractive. hip hop and gangsta are not one in the same but I see what your saying


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  • Why do girls find emo (punk) guys attractive? That's more ridiculous than the "gangsta" style. It's the image of the gangsta. They're "bad boys" and have attitude which are attractive to women.

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    • There "bad boys?" More like losers, with no job, no formal education and no pot to p*ss in. YA Feels me?

    • Ahh...emos so hott<33

      gangsters are hot too but not wannabes that try to act too hard

      girls can sense a wannabe!!

  • It's a stupid trend, that people see as a coming of age type thing. It just goes to show you how weak minded people are...they clearly don't have their own style..they feel the need to copy everyone else and the rappers who appear on TV.

    Any girl who falls for a guy like this doesn't have my respect. Gangs, Drugs, crime and civil unrest should not be a trend, most it borders along anarchy and an unstable society full of violence.

    If a good girl had any respect for herself, and had some self esteem, she would know better than to fall for some gangsta...who has no respect, no formal education, no value of human life, and had no respect for himself.

    I mean c'mon...if you dress like that, you don't have self confidence, you just want people to notice how poorly your dressed, in order to get attention.

    I get my swag on every day acting like an educated person with real goal, real values, and real respect for the people around me. I don't need to trudge around the streets like a home boy.

    The girls actually dress gangsta or "street" too. Not sure, but everytume I turn around...one of them is always pregnant and the dad is nowhere to be found. SMH

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