I'm a guy. Ladies, what should I wear with my leather shorts?

I'm going to a party next weekend and a female friend is lending me a pair of her shorts. They're pretty standard fitted leather ones, short and black with zip pocket details on the front and back. So... yeah. What should I wear? I'm white (and pale), fairly skinny, and 5'11 tall. I don't mind trying heels, but I doubt I can walk well in them, so please don't suggest high ones. Also, I'm gonna be wearing the outfit for between 6-9 hours, so nothing horribly uncomfortable, please.

Thank you, lovely people! :)


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  • More transvestites? This website has so many! Nothing wrong with that but I mean there are like 10 questions a day!

    • I'm doing it as a one-off for a dare -.-

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    • Because it's an anonymous site created specifically to ask questions aimed at the opposite gender?

      And yes, it is true. If I was a full time transvestite I could think of a million better ways to tell people about it than asking a single fashion based question on here.

    • Why, what's wrong?

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  • Why tf are you wearing leather shorts and heels to a party

    • Long story. But, if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it properly!

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  • I would say a blue or violet 3/4-sleeve shirt and some flats.
    Do not wear heels, they don't complement shorts.

  • Firstly shave your legs and then wear uggs. Sexy !!


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